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Radio offers the flexibility to produce and air commercials of various lengths. Here are some samples of commercials we have created.
Middle Georgia Orthopaedic

This is a :30 spot we created for the client which aired in conjunction with a television campaign we also executed. We wanted the commercial to project a soothing feel.

Riverside Ford
"Black Friday Sales Event"

This is a :60 commercial in which we put a holiday spin on a national Ford Sales Event. We integrated the audio of the President of the dealership with our voice talent. Also we used a :60 version on the "Think Riverside" jingle we created as our music underlay.

Riverside Lincoln
"Red Carpet Lease Event"
Karats & Keepsakes
"Top Ten Holiday Finds"

In this campaign, we created a series of :15 commercials with different incentives for each. This enabled us to run the spot as a stand-alone :15, or we could use it with another :15 to create a bookend effect. The "bookend" is terminology used when we run one commercial at the beginning of a commercial break and then run the second spot at the end of the break.

The client wanted to showcase some of her most popular items for holiday shoppers so we created this :60 spot of a "top ten" list.

Finchers Barbecue
"Best In Space"
Pitts Toyota-Scion
"Try Before You Buy"

This barbeque restaurant had the distinction of providing food for astronaut Sonny Carter on one of his space missions, Therefore, they wanted to create a radio commercial mentioning this feat. We created a :60 spot with a "space" theme.

This is a :30 we produced for the client to promote their rental program.

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