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Pitts Toyota commercial by Bibb Media Advertising Agency Macon, Georgia

Does your business have a personality? If so, what is it? Do you know what your target audience thinks about your image? Let’s discuss what type of image you would like for your brand and for your business. The personality of your business can make a difference in your bottom line.

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The evolution and ever-changing technological environment has given advertisers a multitude of options to choose from. Many more than the traditional models we grew up with. We'll help evaluate all of your options by analyzing costs versus expectations.


Take a look at all of the media entities vying for your business. They all probably claim that they are #1 in some degree. We will dissect the numbers and determine which media makes the most sense for your business and evaluate the media based on efficiencies.


Posting is one of the most important functions in media buying yet some agencies are reluctant to do it. Why? It’s very time consuming! The post is the scorecard of how the media performed. If you buy a schedule based on efficiencies and those efficiencies are not met, you need and DESERVE to know about it.

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An effective message doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Bibb Media contracts through various vendors to make certain that your television and radio production is creative, effective and affordable. We specialize in traditional ten, fifteen, thirty, and sixty-second commercials, plus long-form infomercials, YouTube, and web applications.


Bibb Media offers in-house graphic design expertise as well as outsourcing to a talented pool of designers from throughout the Southeast. Whether you need assistance with print advertising, newspaper layout, billboard design, web banners, Bibb Media can work with you to achieve a look that will get noticed.


A logo is an essential element to help a business communicate it's brand. We can help you create and design a logo that will be effective, functional, and affordable.

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A website is almost an essential component in your business model. Whether it's informational or more complex for ecommerce, we can assist you with conception, design, and execution.


Our agency prides itself on providing our clients with the most complete cost-analysis profile for the markets we're purchasing. We've done analysis for many cities throughout the southeast including: Macon, Savannah, Orlando, Birmingham, Charlotte, Raleigh, Columbia, Tampa, and Atlanta.

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